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Strategic Brand Management: Building, Measuring, and Managing the Brand Equity KELLER, KEVIN LANE IMTD Library 658.827 KEL 1 AvailableBOOK
Strategic Management SADLER, PHILIP IMTD Library 658.4012 SAD 10 AvailableBOOK
Workbook on System Analysis & Design NIL; Grag, Vinod Kukmar. & Srinivasan, S. IMT Dubai. 005.1220 GAR 100 AvailableBOOK
Corporate Training: A Guide for Your Journey to Best-Practice Processes Brown, Marisa et al. 658.3124 BRO 1000 AvailableBOOK
Introductory Statistics Ross, Sheldon M. 519.520 ROS 1001 AvailableBOOK
Introduction to Data Compression Sayood, Khalid 005.746 SAY 1002 AvailableBOOK
Elements of the Theory of Computation Lewis, Harry R.; Papadimitriou, Christos H. 511.321 LEW 1003 AvailableBOOK
How to Get Ideas Foster, Jack Shelf- E 808.066 FOS 1004 AvailableBOOK
IT Governance: A Manager's Guide to Data Security and BS 7799/ISO 17799 Calder, Alan; Watkins, Steve 005.8 CAL 1005 AvailableBOOK
Management Information Systems: For Information Age Haag, Stephen; Cummings, Maeve; McCubbrey, Donald J. 658.4038 HAA 1006 AvailableBOOK
High-Tech Etiquette: Perfecting the Art of Plugged in Politeness High, Jana L. 395 HIG 1007 AvailableBOOK
Software Rules: How the New Generation of Technology Tools Will Increase Strategic Effectiveness-and Create Competitive Advantage Barrenechea, Mark J. 004 BAR 1008 AvailableBOOK
Database: System Concepts Silberchatz, Abraham; Korth, Henry F.; Sudarshan S. 005.74 SIL 1009 AvailableBOOK
Working Capital Management: Strategies and Techniques Bhattacharya, Hrishikes 658.152 BHA 101 AvailableBOOK
Computer Networking with Internet Protocols and Technology Stallings, William 004.612 STA 1010 AvailableBOOK
Applying UML and Patterns: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Interactive Development Larman, Craig 005.1 LAR 1011 AvailableBOOK
Information Technology: Principles and Applications Ray, Ajoy Kumar; Acharya, Tinku 004 RAY 1012 AvailableBOOK
Management of Telecommunications: Business Solutions to Business Problems Enabled by Voice and Data Communication Car, Houston H.; Snyder, Charles A. 384.068 CAR 1013 AvailableBOOK
Your Home PC: Making the Most of Your Personal Computer Gopalakrishnan L.; Padmanabhan G.; Shukla, Sudhat 004.16 GOP 1014 AvailableBOOK
Fundamentals of Computers and Information Technology Jaiswal, A. 004 JAI 1015 AvailableBOOK