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HBSP Case-Study

Guidelines for Registration in HBSP-Premium Educator and Case-Study Request Registration, Educator Copy and Teaching Note of Case-Study

Faculty members can download review copy of case study and procure teaching note directly from HBP’s Educator website by registering as a “Premium Educator.” (while registering only mail should be used).

  •     Unrestricted individual Harvard Business School printed Cases and Notes
  •     Harvard Business Review reprints, including HBR Article Collections
  •     All HBSP Newsletter Reprints
  •     HBS Press standalone book chapters
  •     HBSP Brief Cases
  •     HBS Colour Case items
  •     HBS Case Videos
  •     HBS Multimedia Cases
  •     HBS Online Courses

For  Non-HBS Material 

Case-Study Request to Library for Classroom Teaching and Discussion

Report any requirements and use of HBP case studies, HBR articles, book chapters, and other Non-HBS materials to Library in prescribed CASE REQUEST FORM for classroom teaching and discussion. Please mention clearly the course Term, the name of the program, the number of students, course name, faculty name, while ordering in prescribed

The library will procure the authorized master copy (in soft) from HBP and make available to a faculty member for sharing copies with students for class discussion only.

Please send Case Requests Form to

  • Please do not request the HBS and non-HBS Case-Study to library which are not intended to be used the classroom teaching/discussion and review these from the personal premium educator log-in only.
  • The library will not entertain a request for an Educator Copy of Case-Study and Teaching Note because both are available only to the faculty member under premium educator access.
  • Do not use cases or articles that are not obtained from the Library Department specifically authorized for use in the particular course.
  • Do not use materials that may be available to you from previous years or other sources.
  • Electronic redistribution of protected or unprotected content files is not permitted unless authorized.  Electronic masters themselves must not be stored, saved, emailed, shared, or posted on any course site.
  • Do not to use any HBSP materials for classroom teaching and discussion that have not been supplied by HBSP without prior written approval, nor to permit sale or distribution of unapproved versions of HBSP materials.

E-journal and Articles

Case Studies and Management Resources

  1. Go to and put in your Login credentials.
  2. On the left had side of the screen, there is an option 'ProwessIQ Query Triggers'. Click on the tab 'more...' which is present just below the option 'ProwessIQ Query Triggers'.
  3. On the left hand side of the page, you need to expand the particular query for which you want the video. Then select the option 'Play'.
Please find below, the direct link to the page of video